Blood Tribe $200 Off-Reserve Gift Card Update – (June 3, 2021)

Attention: The Blood Tribe $200 Gift Card Mail Out for Tribal members living off-reserve has been completed by Blackfoot Confederacy’s Education Director “Staahtsisttayaaki” Dr. Genevieve A. Fox, who managed the distribution.

Genevieve Fox would like to thank the Blood Tribe members for their patience in receiving their $200 Gift Card during the distribution process. The new protocols implemented by Sobey’s for ordering gift cards delayed the distribution of the final order.

At this time, we would like to acknowledge and give a special thank you to all who helped to coordinate and deliver the $200 gift cards both on and off-reserve:
• Foot Patrol – package assembly and delivery (Stand Off, Levern and Moses Lake)
• Blood Tribe Land Management – package assembly & delivery
• Blood Tribe Social Development – package assembly & delivery
• Blood Tribe Housing – package assembly, delivery & record keeping
• Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement –package production & coordination
• Kainai Marketplace – securing food & gift cards
• Blackfoot Confederacy, Genevieve Fox – securing gift cards for off-reserve, coordination, record keeping & mailouts

We also want to thank and acknowledge our Blood Tribe Chief and Council for providing a second opportunity for Tribal members to receive assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you, and please remember to follow all COVID-19 Public Health Measures. 

Blood Tribe Emergency Management Team

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