Fortis Alberta to Conduct Maintenance on Power Poles Located on Blood Reserve – (June 10, 2021)

This information has been provided by Fortis Alberta.

Fortis Alberta is the Blood Tribes electrical distribution service provider. As the owner/operator of the electrical distribution system it is imperative that the system is maintained in a safe and reliable manner.

One of the maintenance requirements is to ensure that the power poles are tested every 7 years to allow the safe and reliable delivery of the electricity to your homes and businesses.

Each power pole is inspected from the top down to ground looking for damages that may trigger the need for replacement. In addition to the visual inspection, poles of a certain vintage are drilled into at eye level, ground level and below ground to test for internal decay caused by insects. Again, this will help determine if the poles need replacement.

Integrity Pole Inspections will be doing this work on behalf of Fortis on the nation. They will be traveling along the roads and in the ditches from pole to pole, in well identified vehicles.

All Covid 19 protocols will be strictly adhered to and the employees will follow Integrity Pole Inspections professionalism for the care and conduct of the properties that they travel on. Work is to start on June 14 and last for approximately 2 weeks.

Stan Orlesky

Indigenous Relations Manager

780 361 7875 

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