COMMUNITY NOTICE – TOPGAS Settlement – (July 29, 2021)

The Blood Tribe is currently negotiating a TOPGAS $17.6 million settlement agreement with the Government of Canada.

In September of 2018, the Blood Tribe submitted a claim to Canada regarding the wrongful deduction of royalties arising from the sale of natural gas extraction that was from reserve lands.

The Blood Tribe Chief and Council have appointed Kainai Resources Inc. (KRI) to provide the technical support and make available the necessary information to the members of the Blood Tribe.

Blood Tribe leadership is committed to keeping all Tribal members living both on and off-reserve informed, so they are fully aware of the settlement agreement and what the monies from the settlement will be used for.

A dedicated webpage has been created for the TOPGAS Settlement, which can be found on the Blood Tribe Administration website at

Click this link to view the TOPGAS Settlement webpage:

KRI will provide additional information and awareness about the settlement beginning in August, including a Virtual Community Meeting to be conducted later in the month.

Please be advised, Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement will provide updates regarding the TOPGAS Settlement as they are received on their Facebook page and the BTA website.

Thank You,Kainai Resources Inc.

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