COMMUNITY NOTICE – Call for Traditional Land Users Hunting, Fishing & Gathering on the Eastern Slopes and Rocky Mountains – (August 6, 2021)


Kainai’s Coal Position
In early February 2021, Blood Tribe/Kainai Chief and Council reviewed Alberta’s troubling missteps on the 1976 Coal Policy as well as the numerous proposed coal projects in Alberta and BC within the Crowsnest Pass/Elk Valley Region. A formal decision was made by Band Council Resolution to adopt a position opposing any further coal projects in the Crowsnest Pass/Elk Valley Region. Siksika made a similar decision in solidarity with Kainai.

A news release about the Blood Tribe/Kainai’s decision to oppose all further coal projects was issued on February 14, 2021, and received extensive regional, national, and international news coverage. Kainai’s Coal Position was also communicated to Government of Alberta and all seven coal companies.

Kainai’s Traditional Knowledge and Use Baseline Study
To support Kainai’s coal position and resource development on the eastern slopes, Kainai has started a traditional knowledge and use study to conclude by the fall. The study will focus on the impacts of mining on First Nations people, their lands, resources, and the environment.

Interviews will be conducted with Kainai knowledge holders and traditional land users to better document Kainai’s connection to and use of the eastern slope’s region. Environmental experts will also be a part of the study process.

To further support Kainai’s position on coal mining and resource development, Kainai is calling out to its traditional land users of the eastern slopes and the Rocky Mountains. Traditional land users include anyone who has hunted, fished, or harvested in the eastern slopes area, this includes current and past use.

Traditional Land Use is defined as:
• Hunted or fished on the Eastern Slopes and Rocky Mountains, including past and current uses. (Current use includes any use in your lifetime, past use includes your grandparents or ancestors use of the study area)
• Harvesting includes anything collected on the eastern slopes for medicinal, ceremonial, food and subsistence uses.

If you fit these criteria, please contact Waylon Heavy Runner 403-915-5820, Immediately!
You may also contact Annabel Crop Eared Wolf 403-894-8105 or Mike Oka 403-634-6358.

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Information sent on behalf of Tribal Government.

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