Blood Tribe Chief and Council continue to work to address concerns and misunderstandings that have been expressed through unofficial means on the Treaty Entitlement Cattle Specific Claim.
One of the rumours that is circulating is that the Treaty Entitlement to Cattle or “cows and plows” claim is already settled and that we have already received the funds. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We note a message from Glen Motz, MP corresponding with a tribal member in which reference is made to this matter. The information that Mr. Motz is referring to is actually about the Mismanagement of Assets Claim, which was settled on March 11, 2019. As all Blood Tribe Members know the Mismanagement of Assets Claim settlement went to a Referendum Vote on March 11, 2019 and was approved by Blood Tribe Voters. The Blood Tribe received compensation in the amount of $150 million and Blood Tribe Members were provided a $2,000 per capita payment on August 28, 2019.
Do not confuse the Mismanagement of Assets Claim with the current Treaty Entitlement to Cattle Specific Claim. To be clear these are 2 separate Claims:

(1) The Mismanagement of Assets Claim was voted on and approved by the Blood Tribe membership on March 11, 2019. Please note that the Assets Claim is not a “cows and plows” claim. It dealt with Canada’s mismanagement of Blood Tribe assets, including agricultural resources and cattle, cattle that the Blood Tribe obtained on its own.
(2) The current Treaty Entitlement to Cattle Specific Claim is a claim for cattle promised in the written terms of the Blackfoot Treaty of 1877 (Treaty 7) that were never provided by Canada, such treaty entitlement claims to cattle have been referred to as “cows and plows” claims. Currently Blood Tribe voting members are being asked to vote on accepting this claim, also valued at $150 million.

There is another rumor circulating that the Blood Tribe Members will lose their Treaty Rights if they vote “YES” to the Blood Tribe Treaty Entitlement to Cattle Claim. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. THERE IS NO RELINQUISHMENT OR LOSING OF TREATY RIGHTS, RATHER IT IS ABOUT A CLAIM FOR A TREATY RIGHT THAT WAS NOT FULFILLED BY CANADA.
Blood Tribe Members are again strongly encouraged to visit to access information materials that set out the factual terms of the Settlement Agreement and Trust Agreement and Communiques for updates. You may also call toll free number 1-877-331-6070 to receive factual and up-to-date information on how to vote, either electronically on September 14 and 15, or in person September 16, 2021.

Information sent on behalf of Tribal Government.

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