The Blood Tribe Opioid Response Persons With Lived Experience Team – November 25, 2021

We are happy to introduce the newly appointed Blood Tribe PWLE members!  The PWLE Team will act in a supportive role in reducing Opioid, Drug and alcohol abuse.  The Team will provide client perspectives on initiatives to improve drug awareness and safety of community.  We are happy to welcome Tiffany, Melissa, Chantelle and Cody!  
Oki, Nisto’anakoak Naatoyipootaakii (Holy flying women). My English name is Tiffany Young Pine. I come from the Healy and Young Pine (Three Persons) families. I started my sobriety journey at Bringing the Spirit Home detox continuing at the Kainai Healing Lodge. Upon finishing the 8 week program I received the name ‘Many Children Clan Women’. I am currently 19 months clean from opioids. 
My name is Chantelle Day Chief.  I am a grateful, recovering drug-alcoholic addict with 3.5 yrs. of sobriety, breaking a 25 year vicious cycle of addiction.  I surrendered on April 18, 2018 after a raid at my home and now see this as a blessing.  It gave me a chance to experience detox, treatment. Today I am moving forward with an open-mind and willingness to help others achieve the beautiful journey of sobriety. Growing in this new life is truly a blessing.   
Oki Nisto’anakoak Melissa Many Fingers–Healy.  As of October 9th, 2019 I am 2 years clean from Opioids.  Being homeless and addicted to hard drugs was something I never thought I would experience.  It brought me down a road of hopelessness and heartache but it was also beautiful because it taught me the true meaning of hope.   One thing I share is not to give up on that tiny bit of hope, because that will save your life!   
Oki, my name is Cody Fox, Ponokaomitoa Sai’pi’yii (Charging Horse).  November will be 1 year of sobriety from alcohol and drugs.  I am a Team Lead for Sage Clan, a member of Crazy Indian Brotherhood and Kiimipitpitsin.  I am excited to help and give back to the people.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this awesome team!  
Recovery is Possible!
Alayna Many Guns, BAdm
Blood Tribe Opioid Response Coordinator

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