Blood Tribe & Town of Cardston Meeting, April 21, 2022

The Blood Tribe Council, Blood Tribe Administration SEO, and Blood Tribe Opioid Task Force Coordinator met with the Town of Cardston and Cardston County, last Thursday to address issues that Tribe members and Town residents have been facing. Issues such as the opioid crisis, racism, poverty issues, and lack of Town and Tribal resources to address these issues. Both sides agreed that making a stand together in partnerships and joint ventures to look for answers and solutions, is a good start to building a better connection and relationship between the two communities. The Town of Cardston and the Blood Tribe are set to meet later this month to work on a Memorandum of Understanding, more details to come.

(L to R) Town of Cardston CAO Jeff Shaw, Town of Cardston Councillor Allan Burton, Cardston County Councillor Tom Nish, Town of Cardston Councillor Marsha Jensen, Town of Cardston Councillor Paula Brown, Blood Tribe Councillor Diandra Bruised Head, Town of Cardston Mayor Maggie Kronen, Blood Tribe Councillor Richard Red Crow, Blood Tribe Opioid Task Force Coordinator Alayna Many Guns, Blood Tribe Administration SEO Rick Soup, at the Town Hall in Cardston, AB on April 14, 2022.

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