Blood Tribe Emergency Information November 2022

Blood Tribe Public Works Safety Update & Emergency Contact Information November 1st, 2022

Due to inclement weather the department of Public Works is asking that Blood Tribe members ensure that there is an adequate supply of food and water for the next few days. 40cm of snow in the Foothills and 20cm of snow in the lower areas is expected to fall over night. As a result, road conditions will not be favorable.

In anticipation of these muddy roads, Public Works has six graders, three loaders, two Bobcat machines, and one backhoe ready to improve road conditions on the main traffic arteries of the Tribe. Scheduled operations will continue including water delivery and waste collection.

Please keep in mind that these services may be slowed down due to the weather.

In the event of an emergency please call (depending on the type of emergency) the Blood Tribe Police at 403 737 3800 or the Blood Tribe Fire Dept. at 403 737 2102. The Public Works department will assist if needed.


Supervisor: Delray First Rider 403 635 4261

Road Maintenance: Leon Young Pine 403 929 5725

Water/Waste: Lawrence Mistaken Chief 403 634 4265

Road Construction Manager: Clement Black Water 403 634 4263

Snowstorm Preparedness:

  1. Keep a shovel in your vehicle.
  2. Keep a Blanket in your vehicle.
  3. Keep water in your vehicle.
  4. Always have plenty of Gas.
  5. Keep a First Aid Kit in your Vehicle.
  6. Keep snacks in your vehicle. (Diabetics/children)

Blood Tribe Department/Emergency Phone Numbers November 2022

Blood Tribe members experiencing power outages or any other emergency at their residence and need assistance can call:

Blood Tribe Housing

*For households dealing with: • No heat • No water • Electrical safety issues • Sewer back-up

Available on-call maintenance – 403-360-0842 – 24/7

Fortis Alberta: Power restoration updates are available on the Fortis website:

310-WIRE (9473) or 1-866-717-3113

Red Cross

If you have emergencies and require assistance – 1-888-800-6493

On Reserve Emergency Shelter is available: 403-737-8644, bring your own bedding.

Blood Tribe Police Service 403-737-3800

Emergency Medical Services

403-737-2102 Ext: 1 for Blood Tribe Fire Hall

(911) for Medical Emergencies

Blood Tribe Land Management

403-634-9419 Livestock Control is on call 24/7

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