BTA Closed at 2 PM November 7, 2022

Please be advised the BTA Building and all departments are CLOSED effective immediately, due to deteriorating weather and road conditions.


Supervisor: Delray First Rider 403 635 4261

Road Maintenance: Leon Young Pine 403 929 5725

Water/Waste: Lawrence Mistaken Chief 403 634 4265

Road Construction Manager: Clement Black Water 403 634 4263

Blood Tribe Department/Emergency Phone Numbers November 2022

Blood Tribe members experiencing power outages or any other emergency at their residence and need assistance can call:

Blood Tribe Housing

*For households dealing with: • No heat • No water • Electrical safety issues • Sewer back-up

Available on-call maintenance – 403-360-0842 – 24/7

Fortis Alberta: Power restoration updates are available on the Fortis website:

310-WIRE (9473) or 1-866-717-3113

Red Cross

If you have emergencies and require assistance – 1-888-800-6493

On Reserve Emergency Shelter is available: 403-737-8644, bring your own bedding.

Blood Tribe Police Service 403-737-3800

Emergency Medical Services

403-737-2102 Ext: 1 for Blood Tribe Fire Hall

(911) for Medical Emergencies

Blood Tribe Land Management

403-634-9419 Livestock Control is on call 24/7

Blood Tribe Social Development

Rita Calf – 403-360-6031 or Arnold Fox at 403-308-8693

Snowstorm Preparedness:

  1. Keep a shovel in your vehicle.
  2. Keep a Blanket in your vehicle.
  3. Keep water in your vehicle.
  4. Always have plenty of Gas.
  5. Keep a First Aid Kit in your Vehicle.
  6. Keep snacks in your vehicle. (Diabetics/children)
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