Per Capita Distribution – Direct Deposit Online Application Instructions for Blood Tribe Members

If you have already received direct deposit from past Distributions please do not re-apply unless banking information has changed
Make sure to have ready:
Treaty number
Your Banking information
Photo I.D. Examples: (Indian Status Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Provincial ID, Blood Tribe Membership Card)
You can sign up for Direct deposit by going to:
2. Click on the blue banner that has “Blood Tribe Per Capita Distribution”.
3. Scroll down until you see “Online Direct Deposit – Click here”.
4. Personal Information – Put your legal first and last name, DOB, and treaty number (hint: 435 is the start of your treaty number).
5. Dependents – Your child/children under the age of 18 legal First Name and last Name. if you have more than 5 children you can put their names at the bottom of the page under the “submit” tab.
6. Upload your Photo I.D. and address.
7. Select Direct Deposit
8. Financial institution (who you bank with, example RBC, Scotia Etc.) Transit number is a 5-digit number that identifies your branch.
9. Your Account number is a 7 to 12-Digit Number.
10. Declaration/Privacy, what you filled out is true and correct.
11. You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]
Deadline is, January 27, 2023 at 4:30 pm.
Benefits of applying for Direct Deposit:
No standing in line to pick up your cheque or waiting to cash at the Bank.
No need to travel to pick up your cheque.
No holds by the Bank (usually held for 5 banking days).
Your money will be available on the day of Distribution.
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