The Road To Safety – By Peetah Bastien


The road to safety
March 8, 2023
Written by Peetah Bastien

The Blood Tribe Public Works Department operated above and beyond their capacity during the weeks of December 12th, through the 28th of 2022. The Public Works staff is recognized for their service and dedication to their community and respective zones as work hours exceeded far beyond their usual work schedule to maintain safe passage through adverse weather conditions and winter storms.

In addition, the operators sacrificed time with their families, spouses, and children as they worked tirelessly in the communities and zones, they to clear the roads for safe travel during our harshest winter months.

This past weekend of February 28th, 2023, the BT Public Works Dept. continued to clear the roads to ensure emergency personnel could reach our communities most vulnerable population, those who require dialysis and continued medical attention. Although severe winds can affect the snowblowers effectiveness, graders continued to operate and complete the job.

From the front desk staff to the mechanics and operators, the BT Public Works accomplishes their duties through teamwork, and quick thinking when it matters most. This team would like to thank all community members for their patience and kind consideration during adverse road conditions, with the promise of their continued dedication and commitment to keeping our roads safe and passable.

If you require road service, the please call 403-737-2540 and provide your zone location detailed in the attached map. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the phone line will have a large call volume. Leave a message and your call will be returned. Thank you. 

Blood Indian Reserve #148 Zone Map

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