Good Movement Founder Tyler Swag Strives for Positive Changes for The Blood Tribe – May 5, 2023

Good Movement Founder Tyler Swag Strives for Positive Changes for The Blood Tribe

By Blaire Russell, Communications Officer

Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

Kainaiwa and Piikani member Iinaatsipiita, Tyler Swag has made positive lifestyle changes and has brought the benefits to the members of the Blood Tribe with his company, Good Movement. Good Movement was founded in March 2023 with the goal to promote healthy lifestyle and activity through sport, fitness, and nutrition to the people of the Blood Tribe.

Tyler’s inspiration to start Good Movement came from overcoming his own battles with alcohol abuse and unhealthy lifestyle choices, he felt he couldn’t move forward and was stuck in a cycle. Tyler admits these choices were inhibiting his ability to grow and move forward. In April 2021, Tyler decided to leave those cycles and found fitness helped take his mind off those unhealthy choices. He found fitness helped with his overall physical and mental health and wished to bring that back to his people.

In December 2022, Tyler received his Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Certification through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). The ISSA is one of the most reputable and well-respected organizations that could give accreditation to an individual that aspires to become a personal trainer, nutritionist, and more.

Tyler’s goal for Good Movement is to be the premiere health and wellness company in the Treaty 7 area. Swag’s goal is for our people to thrive and realize what the benefits of fitness and proper nutrition can bring them. Tyler notes that it is important to keep our youth on a positive path forward so there is less chance for them to fall on the wrong path. “What I want to see from the youth is creating more positive role models. I believe when [the youth] come to Good Movement programs, they will become good role models themselves.” Tyler also encourages the adult participants that come to his programs to step out of their comfort zone, to inspire and encourage one another.

Good Movement offers programming for Blood Tribe youth and adults of all genders which includes weightlifting, group fitness, and sports activities and is held at the Blood Tribe Multi-Purpose Building in Standoff, Alberta. Good Movement also offers hockey development sessions, personalized workout plans, meal plans, 1 on 1 personal training, and more. Check Good Movement’s Facebook page for the latest programming updates or contact Tyler Swag ([email protected], (403)849-7099) to sign up for your next positive move.

Good Movement founder Tyler Swag at the Multi-Purpose Building in Standoff, Ab. Spring 2023. (Photo: Blaire Russell)

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