Blood Tribe Public Works Emergency Road Service Update – July 7, 2023

Blood Tribe Public Works

Emergency Road Service Update

By Peetah Bastien, Communications Officer

Photo Credit: Peetah Bastien

Friday July 7, 2023


Upon review by the Geo Tech Engineer an emergency road repair service plan was initiated. From May through August 2023 the repairs are on-going. The Blood Tribe Public Works has been working on repairing the following areas that have recurring and continuous issues.


These 6 areas near the following residences have been identified by the lead engineer as the most in need of Emergency Repair.


– Farm Four by the late Andy Black Water’s house.

– The Intersection between Oka and Big Throat farms.

– The area by Marvin Mistaken Chief’s.

– Area near the Day Chiefs off Highway 509.

– Area by Mike Weasel Head.

– The road near Martin Heavy Head.


These areas pose a significant risk to transportation safety and may become hazardous during inclement weather. The purpose of these emergency repairs is to make the roads safer when bad weather occurs and to ensure that the roads in these areas require less fixing, freeing up the Public Works road crews so that may continue their service in other areas without interruption.


The Blood Tribe Public Works would like to thank the community for their continued support and patience as their road crews work to make your daily travel as safe as possible.


Blood Tribe Public Works,

For The People

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