High Temperature Information – August 2, 2023

High Temperature Information

August 2, 2023


Continued high temperatures are to be expected for the coming days, please consider the following helpful information so that we can ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.  

Certain individuals have a higher risk of developing heat-related illnesses; this is due to factors such as age, medical conditions, social factors, or working conditions:

Older adults and elders
People who are pregnant
People who live alone or are socially isolated
Infants and young children
People who experience unstable housing
People with limited mobility (check on friends and family)
People with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory illness
People who use substances (carry extra water so you can help others)
People who work outdoors or in hot environments
People with mental illness such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety
Some medications also increase risks. Ask a pharmacist whether your medications will impact your ability to cope with heat and follow their recommendations.
Schedule outdoor activities carefully: Lower your activity level and avoid strenuous activity during the heat. Plan errands or outdoor activities early or late in the day when it is generally cooler. Rest often in shady areas to allow your body to cool and recover.
Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water before you feel thirsty. Be aware that sugary, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks cause dehydration.
Eat hydrating foods such as fruits and fresh vegetables.


Video on how to prepare for extreme heat (Government of Alberta)


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