Kainaiwa Resources Inc. & Pe-Na-Koyim Wind Project launch Updated Webpages October 18, 2023

The Kainaiwa Resources Inc. (KRI) landing page is now active on www.bloodtribe.org in the Entities website menu link. Please visit the page for the latest updates on Kainaiwa Resources Inc. the webpage also includes a link to the Pe-Na-Koyim Wind Project which is currently in development. The Pe-Na-Koyim Wind Project is a partnership between Kainai/Blood Tribe and EDF Renewables Canada Inc. Details on the project can be found outlining the project size and location along with the project status and timeline. A full developer profile is available for Blood Tribe members to review it includes details, technology and components, constraints, impacts and concerns. The Pe-Na-Koyim Wind Project will the first on-Reserve wind project of its scale in Alberta which will offer many benefits to the Kainai/Blood Tribe. The Pe-Na-Koyim Wind Project webpage also includes a message from Blood Tribe Chief Makiinima Roy Fox.

Upcoming Kainai/Blood Tribe community open house meetings are currently set for October 25, 2023, at the Red Crow Community College at 6:00 pm and October 26, 2023, at the Sik-ooh-kotoki Friendship Society in Lethbridge, AB at 6:00 pm. To visit the Kainaiwa Resources Inc. webpage please click HERE.

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