Blood Tribe honours Indigenous Veterans Day

November 8, 2023

Blood Tribe Honours Indigenous Veterans Day

November 8, 2023, marks National Indigenous Veterans Day across Canada in recognition of Indigenous people’s contributions to the Canadian military. The Blood Tribe would like to acknowledge and honour the Indigenous Veterans for their contributions and sacrifices they have made to the military, particularly in the First and Second World Wars, Korean War, and other conflicts.

National Indigenous Veterans Day was first held in Winnipeg, MB in 1994 and has been held annually since.

Blood recruits, 191st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Fort Macleod, Alberta. Date: 1916. 

L-R back row: George Coming Singer, died overseas, 1919; Joe Crow Chief; Dave Mills; George Strangling Wolf; Mike Foxhead, Blackfoot, died overseas, 1919.

L-R front row: Nick King; Harold Chief Moon; Sergeant Major Bryan; Joe Mountain Horse; Mike Mountain Horse.

(Image Courtesy of the Glenbow Archive NA-2164-1)

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