Blood Tribe Housing – Dangers of Methamphetamines in the home

Blood Tribe Housing – Dangers of methamphetamines in the home

The Blood Tribe Housing department hosted a community meeting at the Multi-Purpose Building on November 14, 2023, with key presenter James Watson focusing on the dangers of methamphetamines in the home. The alarming presentation goes over the structural damage methamphetamine use and production does to homes and the dangers to health of people living there.

Meth production is a growing concern in our community and is becoming more prevalent as the process has become quite easy. The presentation helps community members to spot a potential meth production home.

This video is a must-see presentation as it gives vital information for the safety and health of our community. If you spot suspicious activity such as methamphetamine production on the Blood Reserve, Blood Tribe Crime Stoppers can take your anonymous information by calling 1-800-222-8477; or visiting their website and submitting a secure on-line tip.

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