Kainai Minor Hockey Association – 2023/2024 Summary

Kainai Minor Hockey Association – 2023/2024 Summary

April 19, 2024 – Kainai Minor Hockey Association (KMHA) lost membership due to Covid and movement to surrounding towns. In 2022/2023 Registrations, we had 18 individuals registered from U7 to U18. There was not enough to register a team. As a result, KMHA had to release a majority of players to surrounding towns as to not jeopardize their hockey season. Then an attempt was made to put remaining players in a rec. non-contact league to no avail. This plus there was no ice available till late January due to a major component to ice chiller machine. That was our KMHA post-Covid debut.

The Kainai Minor Hockey Association 2023/2024 season debut was a success. We are back in the Central Alberta Hockey League (CAHL). This League consists of cities, towns, and communities from Red Deer South.

Kainai Minor Hockey Association was also accepted in the Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League (RMFHL) where we have an U15 Team. This League consists of Southern and Central Alberta Teams.

As stated, we had 5 Teams in total registered in 2023/2024 as follows:

  • U15 Male CAHL
  • U15 Female RMFHL
  • U11 Male
  • U9
  • U7

KMHA U15 Male team made playoffs, won their first round game, and lost in second round.

KMHA U15 Female team made playoffs and lost in the first round.

KMHA U11 Team made playoffs, won both rounds of playoffs, and won LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. Congratulations to all KMHA teams, we are proud of the teams and their accomplishment.

KMHA will enter our U7 and U9 Teams into the CAHL for upcoming 2024/2025 season.

KMHA did address CHL League matters suspensions, reports and other pertinent matters as they were brought forward to organization. And team parent issues as they too were brought to KMHA attention. 

Moving forward into the 2024/2025 season, Kainai Minor Hockey Association need to advise our membership is that we are on probation for 1 more year in the CAHL.

In getting into the 2023/2024 season, KMHA had to, at request of CAHL, do a hardship letter into getting back into CAHL League. Due to no contact or registered teams, CAHL did not acknowledge Kainai Minor Hockey Association. This hardship letter plus, outstanding fines and other requests were submitted to CAHL. Thus, our admittance back into CAHL.

KMHA will continue to focus on player development. We as an association need to keep developing our membership. Thanks to our Minor Hockey Coordinator, Mr. Chad Bare Shin Bone-Chief Moon we are able to start bringing in some expertise to address these shortfalls in development. The following is an example of clinics held:

  • Power Skating / Ira Day Chief
  • Goaltending / Logan Koopmans
  • Shooting TBA
  • Conditioning / Tyler Swag

In closing, KMHA invite one and all to our Annual General Meeting – April 25, 2024. All KMHA Board Positions available for election.

KMHA need to recruit coaches and referees. If you had played hockey previously, please consider coaching and developing our children.

Thank you,

Kainai Minor Hockey Association

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