Circle of Courage Event Saipoyi Community School – April 16, 2024

(Story by: Christine Goodstriker, Communications Officer, Kainai Board of Education)
Oki! KBE acknowledges and thanks Saipoyi Community School for their Circle of Courage event, April 16, 2024. Their event enhances KBE Board Priorities: Increased Student Learning, Governance, and Blackfoot Language and Culture. Sessions included were: Good Movement, Community Safety, Nutrition, Team Building, Blackfoot Ways of Knowing, Drumming, and Winter Count.
Marie Shade, Principal, emphasized the importance of hosting to ensure the children could listen to Blood Tribe community members and Blackfoot People who can share their knowledge and wisdom. The intention is this information will surround the children with guidance and support and provide important information about holistic well-being and wellness.
Keynote speakers: Ty Provost and Tim Bruised Head, both actors, and stuntman featured in The Last of Us and The Revenant. They share their appreciation of growing up with elders and knowledge keepers teaching valuable lessons on respect, patience, our language, and culture. Ty Provost, Horse Spirit Therapeutic Horsemanship Program, elaborates being blessed to grow up around horses, to learn valuable lessons and skills from them, “the biggest thing was work ethic”. Ty encourages students to stay in shape, “I work out because it helps with my mental health, keeps me sharp, helps my overall health”.
Cameron Shade, KBE Superintendent thanked all presenters and staff of KBE. Mr. Shade announces, “KBE is looking forward to working with Tyler SWAG, Good Movement in the start-up of a Basketball program”. Cam stressed the importance and excitement that “KBE District, partners with everybody in the community to offer some exciting programs so school much more than going to school, reading a book, going to recess, but it’s all these social connections that we make & we are really fortunate within Kainai Board of Education that we have such excellent partners.”
Sandra Singer, Associate Principal, in closing, encouraged all students to continue to work hard. All attendees were gifted conference bags, followed by a thank you drum and dance by David Spotted Eagle.
KBE thanks Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement for assisting in photography.
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