Former Housing Director is the new Senior Operations Officer for Social & Community Services

Story & Photo Credit: By Todd Eagle Child

Communications Officer – Blood Tribe Communications & Community Engagement

The Blood Tribe Administration (BTA) is proud to announce Rachel Tail Feathers as the new Senior Operations Officer (SOO) for Social & Community Services as of December 5, 2023. Tail Feathers was the former Director for Blood Tribe Housing and has an extensive work history with various Blood Tribe Departments throughout her career. Tail Feathers was also employed with Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) and with the Sandia Resort and Casino as a VIP Host, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

The Senior Operations Officer for Social and Community Services is a new position within the BTA’s organizational structure. Tail Feather’s position will enhance the service delivery for the five department directors she works with, which are: Family and Community Support Services, Social Development, Recreation and Parks, Housing, and Public Works. Tail Feathers realizes that it is a different learning curve from being a director of a department to an SOO. This updated administrative structure will ensure better communication between departments and leadership at all levels. As for Tail Feathers personal mission, she states that: “I will seek first to understand, for understanding is the key to finding value, and value is the base for respect, decision and action.”

Tail Feathers knows that in order to level up it involves seeking higher education which then provides the opportunity to achieve valuable work experience. 

“I’m just thankful to be given this opportunity,” said Tail Feathers, “To know that I’ve worked my way from being a clerk and working at various departments, to where I am now.”

Tail Feathers started her educational journey in the legal secretarial program at Mount Royal University, Criminal Justice in Policing, and Business Management Diploma both from Lethbridge College. Tail Feathers then completed her Management degree with Athabasca University, a major degree in Native American Studies in Politics and a minor degree in Management from the University of New Mexico. She will accept her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies in Indigenous Peoples Law Program from the University of Oklahoma on May 2024.

Tail Feathers parents are Roger and Cathy Hunt who are from the Fort Whoop Up area of the Blood Reserve. Tail Feathers is married to Laurie (Hubba) Tail Feathers, they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this May 2024. They have three children – Chelsea, Darnell, and Lori Ann. Tail Feathers interests and hobbies include going for hikes, visiting, and seeing new places. Last year she went on a tour to the Antelope Canyon in the Le Chee Chapter of the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona. Tail Feathers is fascinated by the Pueblo and Navajo cultures and was able to learn about the stories behind their artwork, sculptures, and their unique jewelry.

We would like to congratulate Rachel Tail Feathers on her achievements and welcome her as the new Senior Operations Officer for Social and Community Services for the Blood Tribe.

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