2024 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships

Oki, Happening today at 8:00pm GMT, the 2024 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) Opening Ceremonies will be taking place in Grande Prairie Alberta.

Hockey Alberta, in partnership with the Indigenous Sport Council – Alberta, has sent a U18 Male and U18 Female team to the 2024 tournament, It marks the first time Alberta has ever hosted the event.

NAHC was established in 2002 by the Aboriginal Sport Circle, to serve as the premiere competition for young Aboriginal hockey players in Canada.

The annual event provides a forum for elite U18 aged Indigenous male and female youth and attracts participation from First Nations. Métis and Inuit across the 13 provinces and territories. It helps foster cultural unity and pride to celebrate Indigenous athletes and sport.

This year’s Male team has three of our Blood Tribe Members: Dayton Tailfeathers, Rhyle Weasel Head, and Hayden Ironshirt. Congratulations go to these young men who are making their dreams come true, and setting a great example for our Blood Tribe youth in Hockey. You make us all proud.

Dayton, Rhyle, and Hayden will be playing game M5 tonight on rink 1 in the opening round against Saskatchewan at 8:30pm GMT.

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