Blood Tribe Community Cleanup 2024

Callout for all community members to help with cleanup, let’s work together as a community.

Please have household garbage and yard waste only ready for pick-up on curb on day of community cleanup.

The cleanup will focus on public areas, residents of communities are encouraged to clean around homes prior to community clean-up dates.

Do not open sealed bags and do not touch needles or sharps. If you come across needles, sharps, or other drug paraphernalia – DO NOT TOUCH! Call the Blood Tribe Drug Harm Reduction Project at (403)382-0902 or (403)737-2119 for safe pickup and disposal.

Blood Tribe departments, entities, and businesses are encouraged to clean around your spaces and have garbage ready for pick up prior to community cleanup dates.

Volunteers needed, please contact your community committee representative for more information.

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