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On June 12, 2024, Waterton National Park issued a public safety warning and area closure for the Crandell Lake and surrounding area due to a serious bear incident. Please avoid the area, trespassers will be fined. Respect nature and bears natural habit during this spring season while they can get very protective of their young offspring.

Please report all bear sightings to 1-888-927-3367 or notify Parks Canada Staff Immediately. Stay Safe.

A map of the area closure can be found on the Blood Tribe Webpage:


  • Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Week 2024 5th Annual Crime Prevention Talent Show 3:30pm at the Red Crow Community College Gym, Standoff AB
  • Blood Tribe Economic Development Small Business Grant Program Deadline June 14, 2024. Pick up applications in person. Or request to have your application emailed: mailto:[email protected]
  • NINAA Father’s Day BBQ Family Preservation Center (FPC) South HWY 5 1235 1st Ave West Cardston AB Friday June 14, 2024 1:00pm- 3:00pm Fun, Activities, Celebration of Fathers
  • Blood Tribe Department of Health Employment Opportunity Advanced Care Paramedic All BTDH jobs are posted on the website: Questions? Please Email: mailto:[email protected]
  • Opokaa’sin Assistant Cook Summer Position Submit Application Package to: mailto:[email protected]
  • Red Crow Community College Agricultural Diploma Program Deadline June 14, 2024 Phone 403- 737- 2400 for more information
  • LIFF Lethbridge Independent Film Festival Submission Deadline is this Monday June 17, 2024, there is still time to produce a film over the weekend for ambitious individuals. More submissions of Indigenous film producers were strongly encouraged. Apply here:

What’s Happening This Weekend: 

  • Saturday June 15, 2024 from 10am- 12pm Tipi raising ceremony at the GALT with Elder Charlie Fox. No registration is required and lunch will be catered by JR Fox with no cost to participate. All ages event.
  • Saturday June 15 Watch Party: Old Agency Community Hall Oilers vs Panthers 5:30 pm. Bring your own chairs, snacks and drinks provided. Come and join the party wearing your Flames Jerseys (just kidding)

What’s Happening Monday: 

1. STAWATSIMAANI, Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation -your feedback and your engagement is crucial to the continual development and success of Blood Tribe for our future.

Family Preservation Code Community Engagement session

3/7  Monday June 17, 2024 Moses Lake Gym

4/7  Wednesday June 19, 2024 Old Agency Hall

2. Oteenow Employment and Training Society (OETS) is seeking participants for a focus group, age 18+ who are working with a non- indigenous organization, participants will receive $100, beverages served.  

  • Session 1: June 17, 2024 Lethbridge Fairfield by Marriot 4081- 2nd Ave South Lethbridge AB 10:00am  
  •  Session 2: June 18, 2024 Calgary Carriage House Inn, 9030 Macleod Trail South Calgary AB

Blackfoot Language Conference 2024

Niitsipowahsin Blackfoot Language Conference 2024

June 18 & 19 Red Crow Community college Standoff AB

June 20, 2024 Multipurpose Building Standoff AB

9AM – 4PM Daily

Register now: [email protected]

Aatsimoyihkaani Day Of Prayer 

Wellness Program Wednesday 06/19/24 – 2pm Outside Kainai Wellness Center

Aatsimoyihkaani -it’s not just one day, it’s a way of life. 

Elders smudge, White Buffalo Girls Drum Group, Lunch provided, access and awareness of Wellness programs on site.

National Indigenous Day 2024 Friday June 21, 2024

On Reserve: 

  • All Blood tribe Administrative Offices will closed
  • Blood Tribe Ag Society Rodeo Series #5 Kainai Memorial Agriplex, Standoff AB 2:00pm Elders and Children under 6 free, General Admission= $5
  • Kainai Freedom Fest, outdoor gospel music, Kainai Sports Arena Parking Lot 2:00pm until dark

Off Reserve: 

  • GALT Ceremony, GALT Gardens Lethbridge AB 10:00am- 7:00pm Open Ceremony and Free community feast at 12 with all day all ages activities
  • Complimentary Admission is provided for Indigenous people at Banff National Park in the following locations: Banff Gondola, Lake Minnetonka Cruise, Open Top touring, Columbia Icefield, Maligne Lake Cruise, and Golden Skybridge.
    It is highly recommended to book now in advance to avoid the last minute rush and limited on site tickets. Please phone 1- 866- 606- 6700 to book your tickets in advance now.

2024 Blood Tribe/ Canada Animal Task Force Spay & Neuter Clinic By the Numbers:

  • Animals through the clinic: 522
  • Canine spays: 148
  • Canine neuters: 110
  • Feline spays: 87
  • Feline neuters: 54
  • Animals requiring additional treatment: 10
  • Relinquished dogs: 59
  • Relinquished cats: 40

We thank the partner animal welfare organizations of the Canadian Animal Task Force that were able to make space to intake these 59 dogs and 40 cats. Additionally thank you goes out to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and Calgary Family Vet Clinic for assisting with 35 additional cat surgeries after the clinic who were then reunited with their owners last week

*Please promote responsible animal ownership and care, have your pets spayed and neutered

Blood Tribe Department of Human Resources 

  • Department: Housing    Position: Accounts Payable Clerk (Permanent- Full time) 
  • Department: Social Development    Position: Case Manager (Permanent- Full time)
  • Department: Land Management    Position: Special Project Environmental Technician (1 year contract)
  • Department: Tribal Government    Position: Business operations Manager for Trusts (2 year contract)
  • Department: Family & Community Support Services    Position: Head Start Instructor (Permanent- Seasonal)
  • Department: Recreation and Parks    Position: Program Service Coordinator

BTA jobs are posted on the Human Resources website:

Questions? Please contact Marlene Blood 403-737-8219; e-mail [email protected]

Kainai Land Dispute Resolution and Housing Unit Dispute Resolution Appeal Tribunal Members  

Call for Applications for Kainai Land Dispute Resolution and Housing Unit Dispute Resolution Appeal Tribunal Members

*UPDATED* the panel has been updated to require AT LEAST two Blood Tribe Elders to reflect our Blood Tribe Values.

More information here:

Blood Tribe Department of Health Employment Opportunities

  • Position: Advanced Care Paramedic  (Casual) Emergency Services
  • Position: Primary Care Paramedic(s) (Casual) Emergency Services
  • Position: Licensed Practical Nurse (Permanent, Full-time) Home Care
  • Position: Addictions Counsellor (Permanent- Full-time) Stabilization Unit Lethbridge
  • Position: Driver (Permanent, Full-time) Stabilization Unit Lethbridge

All BTDH jobs are posted on the website:

Questions? Please Email: mailto:[email protected]

Blood Tribe Department of Health Month of June Clinics and Locations 2024 

Last Years Mobile Mammogram and Man Van clinic were a success and BTDH is geared up for a month of testing/ screening. 

  • Eye Retina Clinic/ Appointment required Call (403) 737- 3933
  • What age group: Everyone who has Diabetes requires yearly retina screen.
  • June 18-20 Standoff Clinic 
  • Kidney Clinic/ Appointment required Call: (403)737- 3933
  • What age group: Anyone, however those over 55 are strongly encourage.
  • Participants receive a $40 gift card from Kainai Marketplace
  • June 17- 19 Standoff Clinic
  • Mobile Mammogram Screening/ Appointment required call 1-800-667-0604
  • What age group: Woman age 34+ (74+ consult your doctor
  • June 25, 2024- Levern Clinic
  •  June 26- June 28, 2024, Standoff Clinic
  • Man Van- Fast, free Prostate screening/ No Appoint Require (Walk- In)
  • What age group: Men 40+
  • June 26, 2024 , 11:00am- 3:00pm Standoff BTA Parking Lot

Kainai Board Of Education Employment Opportunities 

  • Board Office – Mental health Coordinator
  • Saiypoyi Community School Position 2: Program Manager
  • Kainai High School -Certified Teacher
  • – Educational Assistant (2 Positions (repost)
  • – Security (2 positions (repost)
  • – Administrative Assistant (1)
  • – Cook (1 position, 10 month sessional)
  • Blackfoot Immersion Educational Assistant/ Instructor (repost)
  • Tatsikiisapo’p Middle School -Associate Principle (1)
  • Security (repost)
  • Educational Assistant (2 positions)
  • Aahsaopi Elementary School -Educational Assistant
  • Kainai Alternate Academy- Certified Teacher

Deadline for all listed KBE positions is June 19, 2024 at 12:00pm

Kainai Board of Education, Human Resources, Box 240 Standoff AB T0Y 1Y0, email: mailto:[email protected]

STAWATSIMAANI Kainaiwa Children’s Services Corporation 

Family Preservation Code Community Engagement Information Sessions

Please attend one or all of the following sessions, your awareness, your feedback and your engagement is crucial to the continual development and success of our Blood Tribe youth for our future.

1. Monday, June 10, 2024 Multipurpose Building Standoff AB

2. Wednesday, June 12, 2024 Levern Community Hall

3.  Monday, June 17, 2024 Moses Lake Gym

4.  Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Old Agency Community Hall

5.  Thursday, June 27, 2024 Opokaa’sin Center Lethbridge 241 Stafford Dr N, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2A5

6.  Thursday, July 11, 2024 Carriage House Hotel Calgary 9030 Macleod Trail, Calgary, AB T2H 0M4

7.  Thursday July 18, 2024  River Cree Hotel Edmonton 300 East Lapotac Boulevard, Enoch, AB T7X 3Y3

Kainai Head Start and Aayiikakimoap For Children Youth Powwow 

Wednesday June 26, 2024 1:00pm Grand Entry Multipurpose Building Standoff AB

BBQ feast, door prizes

For more information contact Malina ATM: (403) 737- 2006

Kainai Youth Elite Athlete Association NEW DATE ANNOUNCED

First Annual Gala Fundraiser! Bringing Home Our Elite Athletes

August 15, 2024 5:00pm Doors, 6:00pm Banquet Multipurpose Building Standoff AB

MC Travis Plaited Hair, Keynote Speaker Wacey Rabbit

Formal Event, Silent Auction, Door prizes, $200 per plate, proceeds go to youth athlete sponsorship.

Contact Melissa for more information: (403) 929-2002

Kainai A’sitapiiks Rodeo Club 

Year- End Awards and Banquet Night

June 27, 2024 Doors open at 4:30, Multipurpose Building Standoff AB

RSVP by June 21 at (403) 394- 4313

Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Week 2024

  • -Only the first 7 competitors in each age category will be accepted, All ages Welcome, All ages event and competition.
  • -Hobby/ Art/ Comedian 18 & under
  •   1st= $350, 2nd= $250, 3rd= $200, 4th= $150, 5th= $100
  • -Hobby/ Art/ Comedian 18 & over
  •   1st= $375, 2nd= $275, 3rd= $200,4th= $150, 5th= $100
  • -Singer, Dancers, Musicians 10 & under
  •   1st= $350, 2nd= $250, 3rd= $200, 4th= $150, 5th= $$100
  • -Singer, Dancers, Musicians 18 & under
  •   1st= $375, 2nd= $275, 3rd= $200, 4th= $150, 5th= $$100
  • -Singer, Dancers, Musicians 18 & over
  •   1st= $450, 2nd= $350, 3rd= $250, 4th= $150, 5th= $$100
  • Monday June 10, 2024 -6:00pm
  • Free Dinner, Door Prizes, All are welcome!
  • Awareness and Prevention Fraud & Scam Meeting
  • Multi-Purpose Building, Standoff AB
  • Tuesday June 11, 2024
  • Crime Prevention Safety Tips 
  • Wednesday June 12, 2024 Blood Tribe Police Service 2nd Annual Elders Conference
  • 8:00am Sandman Signature Hotel Lethbridge AB
  • No longer taking registration for the Elders Conference. But, we do have a waiting list in case posts open up. If you are interested, please contact Blood Tribe Crime Prevention at 403-737-8836.
  • Thursday June 13, 2024
  • MADD Canada Check Stop 
  • Friday June 14, 2024
  • 5th Annual Crime Prevention Community Talent Show
  • 3:30pm Red Crow Community College Gym, Standoff AB

Moses Lake Cleanup Saturday June 22, 2024 9:00am- 2:00pm 

  • Please have household garbage and yard waste only bagged and ready to go on curb the day of the clean-up. Businesses are asked to clean- up their own areas and have garbage ready to go on these dates.
  • June 22, 2024 Moses Lake       9:00am
  • Volunteers Needed! Join in making Moses Lake Community a cleaner, greener and more beautiful. Lunch at 12:00pm Public Works pick-up at 1:00pm  
  • Call the Blood Tribe Harm Reduction Project for safe pick-up and disposal of needles. Do not touch needles at all! Do not open sealed garbage bags! Spirit of Hope House phone: (403)737- 2119 Cell: (403) 382- 0902

Kainai Powwow & Celebration 2024   

July 19,20,21 2024 Red Crow Park, Alberta

– Call out for Honour Dance and Dance Specials Deadline June 1, 2024 

  Submissions to Paula Weasel Head: (403) 360-2480 mailto:[email protected]

Kainai Powwow Princess Pageant 2024

Categories: Senior (13-17), Junior (7-12), Tinytot (0-6) Deadline to register July 5, 2024

Applications available at BTEST, must include full regalia photo and proof of Kainai Membership

for more information contact Jaime Blood (403) 737- 8149  email: mailto:[email protected]\

Kainai Powwow BTEST Positions 2024

Security, Parking lot Attendants, and Clean up crew positions are available now

Applications must include Blood Tribe Employment and Skills Registration.

Deadline July 10, 2024, contact Darryl Day Chief for more information at (403 737- 8149

Kainai Pow wow & Celebration Golf Tournament 2024 

Cardston Lee Creek Golf Course 960 7 St W, Cardston, AB T0K 0K0

All team fees must be paid by July 1, 2024 no exceptions 

Contact Sean Fox to register (587) 394- 6829

Kainai Ecosystem Protection Association 10th Annual Summit Naapi’s Territory 

Monday June 24, Tuesday June 25, Wednesday June 26, 2024

Monday June 24, 2024 Opening Ceremonies Multi purpose Building Standoff AB 9:00am 

Kainai Bottle Depot 

New Spring Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10:00am- 3:00pm, Now open during lunch hour 12:00- 1:00, Closed all stat holidays

External Events & Employment Opportunities


Reconciliation Lethbridge: National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration

Friday June 21, 2024 Galt Gardens

Still looking for vendors, dancers, drummers, artisans and musicians.

Vendor Tables are free and space is provided for setting up a teepee. 

For more information:


 A’sitapiiksi Pow Wow Club Traditional Powwow June 22nd, 2024 Fort Macleod AB

Saturday June 22, 2024 the Ice Arena in Fort Macleod AB

– Call out for food trucks Contact Christina White Man to register. No parking fees or permit required. (403) 892- 2753 Email: mailto:[email protected]

– Call out for One day hires for the following positions on June 22, 2024: SET UP, CLEAN UP, SECURITY DUTIES. Contact Christina White Man (403) 892- 2753 Email: mailto:[email protected]

facebook page:

Siksikaitsitapi Powwow at Whoop Up Days 2024

August 21, 22, 2024 Grand Entry 1:00pm 

Agri- Food Hub & Trade Center, Lethbridge AB, Free entry until 3:00pm

Blackfoot Confederacy BBQ (Calgary Stampede 2024)

July 10, 2024 11:00am- 3:00pm

7535 Flint Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1G3

Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society 

Opokaasin Early Intervention Society 241 Stafford Drive North Lethbridge AB

Position 1: FTE Educational Assistant

Position 2: Head Start Lead Teacher

Position 3: Assistant Cook- Student Summer Position

Submit Application Package to: mailto:[email protected]

Siksika Nation Family Services Corporation

Position: Chief Executive Officer (Full time) Closing June 25, 2024 or until a suitable candidate is found

email: mailto:[email protected]

NCSA Native Counselling Services of Alberta

14904 121a Ave NW Edmonton AB T5V 1A3. Phone: (780 451- 4002

Position 1: Family Court Worker (contract position)

Position 2: Peacemaker Administrative Assistant

Forward resume and cover letters to Marg Milicevic mailto:[email protected]

Blood Tribe Communications and Community Engagement Highlight Reel


“Were using the word STAWATSIMAANI, which means to raise our children in an honorable way, to raise our children in a good way and were taking back that privilege that was taken from us. We really need all of you to come to the table with us, help us so that our new law will help us in the future direct decisions, regarding our children and families. Stawatsimaani”. 

-Tanya Pace- Crosschild (Lead -Family Preservation Code).

Rhyle Weasel Head has been signed! Kootenay International Junior A Hockey League
Rhyle continues to be a source of inspiration and role model for Kanai indigenous youth on pursuing their athletic endeavors. Prayers and support goes out to him on this important milestone and achievement, Go Rhyle, you make us all Proud.

Selah Sweet Grass and Karli Goodstriker

Selah and Karli delivered the opening Blackfoot Prayer for the 2nd Annual Elders Conference hosted by the Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Unit on Wednesday June 12, 2024. They remind us that our Blackfoot Language is thriving, and we celebrate having the freedom to speak it today.

Apollo Hess Mootooyaohkii is off to the 2024 Paris Olympics

In honor of Apollos Achievements we will continue to provide the community with real time updates during his events in the Paris Olympics, Please stay tuned for a new section called “APOLLO WATCH”. 

Apollo was invited home to the Blood Tribe to be honored in a head Dress ceremony on June 3, 2024 at the Red Crow Community College in Standoff AB, his mother Ingrid Hess proud stood beside him. Full coverage was handled by Blaire Russell and Todd Eagle Child. Full story and photos here:

Nationally, he received acclaim in Turtle Island News:

Yahoo News, Canada

Alexandra Noad, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lethbridge Herald

In 2023, Hess finished third in both the 50m and 100m breaststroke events at the U SPORTS Championships. He later left the school to move to Toronto to train at the High Performance Centre – Ontario.

External Media and profile pages:

LCI Facebook Page:

Apollo Hess Canadian Olympics Profile:

CTV News May 24, 2024, as published by Rachel Crowspreadingwings

Published by Communications Officer Tara ManyFingers

For latest updates from Blood Tribe departments and entities please like and follow Blood Tribe Communications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit our website at Download the Blood Tribe/Kainaiwa App now on the Apple store or Google play for the latest BTA updates.

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