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Blood Tribe Comprehensive Community Plan Questionnaire - Needs, Values, and Vision

This plan will bring together projects that have taken years of hard work by members, staff and leadership, along with new design strategies to form a planning framework that represents Kainai values and perspectives. This plan will lay the groundwork for how future projects and the communities will work together to support each other. Engagement, input, and ownership by Blood Tribe members will be integral to the process of developing this plan.

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Blood Tribe Comprehensive Community Plan Communication Strategy

Plan Purpose

The Blood Tribe Comprehensive Community Plan (BTCCP) will guide development in the communities of Standoff, Levern, Old Agency and Moses Lake. This plan brings together projects and planning that have taken years of hard work by Blood Tribe members, staff and leadership along with new opportunities and strategies into a planning framework that will improve how the communities work together in supporting the needs, values and desires of Blood Tribe members.

Key Messages

Engagement sessions with particular groups begin in mid July, with the next at the end of August and the third and final engagement the beginning of October. Questionnaires will be shared following those engagement sessions to reach the broader community and will be distributed through the multiple existing Blood Tribe communication channels.


In order to have as wide an input as possible the engagement process that will guide the development of the BTCCP is open to all community members through online questionnaires shared through existing communication channels including the Blood Tribe Facebook page, the Blood Tribe website, as well as physical copies distributed through the Blood Tribe News. Additional engagement sessions will be scheduled to hear from groups including elders, youth, professionals, managers, town representatives and council to ensure there is representation across different interests and ages.

Following each engagement sessions and online questionnaire a summary of the feedback will be shared with community members as part of the next engagement session or questionnaire in order to ensure that members views are accurately represented and to frame the content of the next round of engagement.


Proposed Methods and Timing

  • It is critical to hear from members across incomes, age, gender, and skills because the communities must be able to serve the needs of all.
  • Each member has their own knowledge, values and perspectives that contribute to the community as a whole and should be honored in the planning and design of the communities where they live.
  • Throughout the planning process what has been heard so far will be shared back to members, staff and council and will be compiled as part of the final report.
  • It is important that the communities represent Kainai values and support cultural knowledge transfer so that future generations continue to know their culture and the Blood Tribe Territory.


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