Updated on: February 9, 2023


Blood Tribe Treaty Entitlement Cattle Claim Future Per Capita Distribution

Blood Tribe Cattle Claim Distribution UPDATE for February 9, 2023:

Blood Tribe Administration has received several questions regarding the membership application process and we felt it to provide this important information to Blood Tribe membership in order to clarify any questions some may have. Please carefully review the document.


The detailed information distribution poster is now available for those preparing to pick up with per capita distribution cheques. Please make sure you follow the instructions provided.


Please pass along this information to family members and friends who may not have access to the internet.

Thank you,


Please make sure that the Blood Tribe Membership Department has all of your current information and that all applications for Membership are provided to the Blood Tribe Membership Department by February 16, 2023.

Contact the Blood Tribe Membership Department to request mail out, to update your personal and/or bank information or to opt out of Direct Deposit at:

• E-Mail: [email protected]

• FAX: 403-737-2351

• Phone: 403-737-8111 or 403-737-8220

Persons who are registered Blood Tribe Members or who have made an application for Membership by the date of the per capita distribution and that application has been accepted will be eligible for the Per Capita Distribution.

Further information regarding dates for the Distribution will be provided as it becomes available. Please ensure that your information is accurate and updated as necessary.

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