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Mission: Manistaki’ta’psoksspomowahpiawa matapiiyi, Blood Tribe Social Development aka’pao’tomoyiiyawa Kainai. Aakohtaisapo’yawa mokamo’ta’piyi maahkitsi’ta’psoka’pissi anno kitskaahkoominnooni. Maatakattaika’pisttsiistomiwa matapiwa, akayika’kimawa ki anno kitsksaahkoominnooni akitsissksaana’piiwa. Akohtsapoyawa Kainayssini. English Interpretation: Blood Tribe Social Development is committed to excellence in providing social and employment development to our clientele and the community – ensuring a healthy, productive and safe community by adhering to the principles of Kainayssini.

Business Hours/Contact

Monday to Friday

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 403-737-3974

Email: [email protected]



Arnold Fox, Director

Elizabeth Big Swan, Executive Assistant 

Tanya Vielle, Receptionist


Program Staff List Below

Blood Tribe Social Development

Current Program Mandate:

Blood Tribe Social Development provides certain social services to Registered Indians under the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Alberta Region Income Support (IS) Program.  The funding for this program is provided by the Government of Canada.  Specific policies governing the Income Support program are included in the “Alberta Region Social Development Income Assistance Policy Manual”.

01 Blood Tribe Social Development Endeavors:

  • To deliver culturally appropriate services;
  • To assist persons living on-reserve in maintaining a basic standard of living:
  • To prevent dependency on Income Support by developing individual and family strengths;
  • To provide referrals to training and rehabilitative services that will enhance the client’s ability to assume primary responsibility for their own affairs; and
  • To preserve and strengthen family unity and responsibility.

02 Blood Tribe Social Development Endeavours:

Blood Tribe Social Development consists of five (5) service delivery units: 

  1. Income Assistance unit;
  2. Pre-employment Support Program/Enhanced Service Delivery unit (ESD);
  3. Blood Tribe Reinvestment Initiative unit (BTRI);
  4. Aiyiikakimaop For Children (AFC) unit; and
  5. the Finance unit.


  • Basic Needs and Special Needs (Income Assistance and ESD units).
  • Training and Employment programs (BTRI and ESD units).
  • Community Programs Support (BTRI unit).
  • Income Support and Job Readiness (ESD unit).
  • Children with Limitations/Disabilities program (AFC)
  • Kainai Community Patrol (BTRI and Income Assistance units).
  • Funerals and Burials program (Income Assistance unit). This program is funded by the Blood Tribe.
  • Seniors Fuel and Utilities program (Income Assistance unit). This program is funded by the Blood Tribe.
  • All BTSD programs financial services (Finance Unit).


  • February 13, 2023: The Social Development front area is still under floor renovation. For clients’ safety of BTSD please call the front receptionist to get information. If you are planning to come into the office, please call your worker to make arrangements. No one is allowed to enter the front area until the floor renovation is complete. BTSD 403-737-3974

  • The floor renovation of Blood Tribe Social Development is expected to be completed FEB 22, 2023

Phone: (403) 737-3974 – Email: [email protected]

Arnold Fox, Director

Elizabeth Big Swan, Executive Assistant 

Tanya Vielle, Receptionist


Rita Calf, Acting Supervisor

Ritzie Creighton, Acting Supervisor

CASE MANAGERS (403) 737-3974

Dawn Old Shoes

Deanna Devine

Marilyn Hunt

Monica Big Swallow

Roseann Scout

Stella Wolf Child


Benita Creighton


Maya Little Bear

Shay-lynn Mountain Horse

FINANCE UNIT (403) 737-3974

Jacqueline Russell, Finance Supervisor

Candice Wells, Accounts Clerk

Sherri Wadsworth, Accounts Clerk

Mary Wolf Child, Data Entry Clerk

Judy Cross Child, Data Entry Clerk

Phone: (403) 737-8660 – Email: [email protected]

Vivian White Quills, Coordinator

Jamie Sweet Grass, Kainai Community Patrol Supervisor

Santana Medicine Crane, Receptionist

Byrde Healy, Program Facilitator

Bobbie Wells, Program Facilitator

Lorilee White Quills, Program Facilitator

Del Healy, Program Van Driver

Al Many Fingers, Program Van Driver

Bonnie Scout, Program Cook

Charlene Sweet Grass, Thrift Store Handler/Program Cook Helper

Julianne Crazy Bull, Custodian

Phone: (403) 737-4343 – Email: [email protected]

Denise Shade, Supervisor

Receptionist, Deidre White Man Left

Cara Blood, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Chantelle Crow Shoe, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Jody Black Water, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Kendall Sun, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Niki Cross Child, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Roberta Calf Robe, Case Worker/Career Counsellor

Phone: (403) 360-6571 – Email: [email protected]

Shane Sweet Grass, Acting Clinical Coordinator

Brandon Fox, Team Lead

Cameron Big Throat, Team Lead

Marilyn Standing Alone, Team Lead

Nina Smith, Team Lead

Aitsi’poyiiksi Committee

Blackfoot Language Symposium IX

June 20 – 22, 2022

Aitsi’poyiiksi Committee

Blackfoot Language Symposium X

October 26 – 27, 2022


Blood Tribe Social Development Info.

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

PO Box 30
Stand Off, AB
T0L 1Y0


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