Blood Tribe

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Addressing Racism in the Kainai Area

Principal Investigator

Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom, PhD


Annabel Crop Eared Wolf, MA


Blood Tribe

Project Description

You are being invited to participate in the research project, Addressing Racism in the Kainai area, as described below. Please note the following sections serve to provide an overview of what the research in question is about and what your participation would entail; it is only one part of the consent process. Read these sections carefully.

Funded through by the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, you are being invited to participate in this research project. The purpose of the research is to examine the impacts of racial discrimination on the members of the Blood Tribe community and determine the perspectives and attitudes of the local non-Indigenous community members and leadership towards Indigenous peoples. The Human Research Ethics Board of Mount Royal University has approved this research study.

Experiences of Discrimination

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